Floating Up Baby

The good news is that my baby is still head-down. The bad news is that he's floating above my pelvis. I guess it's not really bad news, since there is nothing technically wrong with him floating up high in my apparently abundant amniotic fluid. But it just leaves open the possibility for a rare umbilical cord complication should my water break in a dramatic fashion. Plus it's less comfortable for me than if he'd just settle in.

For the first time this week, I'm starting to actually feel very full of baby and my skin is feeling taut and stretched. This happened much sooner with W, but I guess since he stretched me out to begin with, this second time through has been generally more comfortable. But the comfort level is decreasing. Which is to be expected, I suppose, but still not fun. So hopefully, b2 will settle in and give me some more breathing room up top.

Also, I found out at my midwife appointment this afternoon that I no longer have the amazingly good muscle tone the midwives once remarked upon. Midwife B spent a long time adjusting my bones, and said that some of my back muscles were so tight that it could cause me additional discomfort during labor. Fortunately there is a remedy-- I should use a heat pack on them, then Terry needs to massage them with oil for 15 minutes daily. T happened to be at my appointment with me today, so she was able to show him exactly what to do, and although she started to describe how I could try to fix the problem myself by rolling around on a tennis ball he cut her off and said he would take care of it. Thank goodness, I can barely flip myself over in bed I have become so unwieldy-- I can't imagine being able to lay atop a tennis ball on the floor and do anything except smush the tennis ball beneath me (with my rock-hard back muscles).