Bad Wii or Bad Site?

Grrr. Although my wii *indicated* that it was connected to the guitar hero site while I was playing my tournament song today, the connection must have gone out at some point since my highest score wasn't recorded online. I tried to re-connect and recreate the score, but I didn't quite make it. Nevertheless, I wound up finishing 25 of 260. If it would have taken my high score I would've only moved up to 23, so whatever.

What makes me especially mad is that I entered another tournament tonight, connected the wii and played all the songs, scoring decently on 3 of 4. But the @#$#@ thing was disconnected again since nothing is showing up on the guitar hero site!!

I don't know if my wii has gone bad, or if the site has gone bad. That's frustrating. I guess there's nothing for me to do but try again tomorrow.