I've had a bit of a sweet tooth lately, and have been working my way through the desserts in my new cookbook from America's Test Kitchen (there are several chapters with dessert recipes!). The latest I've tried is the strawberry shortcake, pictured above.

This is actually a very simple recipe-- the only thing the least bit fussy is the biscuit, and even then it didn't take long to make. Plus, you can prepare both the strawberries and the unbaked biscuits up to two hours in advance (although I made them five hours in advance and they still turned out well). The biscuits take only 14 minutes in the oven (which should be preheated, so I guess that adds a little time), then 10 minutes to cool. While they are cooling is a great time to make the whipped cream.

It turned out exactly like the photo in the cookbook, and was delicious. Although from a personal taste perspective, I may prefer the more common strawberries-on-cake to the more traditional strawberries-on-biscuit.

But the technique I've learned from this recipe, even if I revert to strawberries-on-cake in the future is to mash 3/8 of the strawberries and slice 5/8 of the strawberries to make the perfect filling. I used to just slice them all, but it really does make it juicier and better with a portion of them mashed up.