No More Chasing the Toddler

While chit-chatting before W's music class today, one of the other moms said something about me still being able to chase after a toddler so close to my due date. I had to correct that assumption. I guess I can still chase him for a short burst or something, but I've completely given up most physical activity at this point.

T makes breakfast for everyone and watches W until around 10 or 10:30am while I stay in bed. Then W comes into bed with me and watches me play videogames for an hour, then we go downstairs to make lunch.

Between lunch and naptime I generally park myself on the sofa on the porch while W plays with his toys out there. Then I'm back in bed for naptime. W has been "off" his naps lately, but fortunately I can generally get him to stay in the bed with me and quietly read books to himself while I drift off. When he does nap longer than an hour (I only sleep about an hour), I'll just stay in bed and surf the web or read a book or something until he wakes up.

It's not until afternoon that I usually attempt any physical activity. I'll take W and walk down to the playground, although once there I'll usually park myself in a chair and now that he can manage the rope ladder without help I don't even get up much. Luckily for me, W doesn't insist on using the swings much (which require me to push, since he hasn't quite figured out how to pump his legs).

Or maybe we'll walk to the mailbox, or down to the pond. Whatever it is, I generally make W hold my hand so there is no chasing him involved in the excursion.

Then by the time we get back from our afternoon activity (around 4:30pm), T is usually ready to take over, so I lie down on the sofa for an hour before starting dinner, and generally am back to bed (or in the TV room) after dinner.

My contractions are worse when I exert myself (I had to stop bouncing during W's music class since it was giving me contractions, so I just shifted my weight from one foot to the other in lieu of most of the organized movements. . .), so I don't feel bad about my lack of activity. My body is giving me signals that I should rest, so I heed them. W doesn't seem to mind the lack of activity, it's not going to hurt his long-term development to have inactive mornings for a few weeks.