Hammock Camp (Video)

The grass has filled in pretty well around the pond, and now that most of the tree pollen is gone the pond is a bit clearer now. We raised the straps for the hammock so it's more comfortable for me to get into and out of now, and it's a nice place to relax in the late afternoon.

W did a good job of staying out of the water, he was pretty happy just throwing sticks and rocks into the pond.

The "camp" is very rustic now. The only path down there is the remains of the one cleared back in 2004, and it's rather steep. There is a flatter approach that I'd like to develop that enters the woods about 30 yards closer to the house, but T must clear some dead trees first. And we'll definitely add some sort of decking to the hammock side of the pond, although I'll probably wait until I know where the path will be exactly before I design anything particular. We're thinking of putting a low pier over that muddy patch where W is playing in the above video, so we can dangle our feet in the water without getting dirty (or sandy, as on the other side).