New Outdoor Furniture!

T has been tasked with scanning craigslist for outdoor furniture, and he forwards several listings to me each week. Until today it has been to no avail-- I usually find the listings either inappropriate for our needs or overpriced. But yesterday he found a good-looking dining set at a great price.

Now, we don't really need an outdoor dining set. But we do need LOTS of comfortable chairs, and this set included four regular padded chairs plus two padded swivel chairs. We'll be able to use the table on the deck when we get one built, but until then it's superfluous, just another random item in our front yard. It is such a luxury to be out-of-sight of any neighbors, our place can look as trashy as we please and we're not putting anyone out.

For now, I've instructed T to put three chairs down by the playground (so I can have seating in the shade no matter the time of day I go down there), one chair on the front porch (since our other furniture is in varying states of disrepair there, I find myself consistently short of guest seating), and two more down under the tree in Maple Shade Park.

The park is about to get nicer, too-- since T had to hitch the trailer to the pickup truck to retrieve the furniture, I persuaded him to leave it attached and go get another scoop of mulch tomorrow morning. He finished the stone border around the tree in the park a few days ago, so it's ready for another load of mulch to completely cover the landscape fabric. Then all he's got to do is mow the grass in the amphitheater, and the park will look significantly better.

The grass seed he's got there in the park seems to prefer shade. There is one side where the grass is big and thick and lush, and another side where it's still pretty sparse and patchy. With all the rain we've been getting this season, I don't think water is the problem, and the only other variable I can think of is sun vs shade. Hopefully the grass will acclimate itself over time. I don't know much about how grass works, I've never bothered to become a lawn expert.