First Pond Float

It was still quite warm after dinner, so while T took W to work in the garden, I went down to the pond for a float. I've got a little float ring with mesh in the middle, and took that down to float in.

Rather than walk all the way up the driveway and back down to the pond to enter via the beach, I decided to try to enter the water from the shore on the hammock side of the pond.

I underestimated the squishiness of the mud there! I wound up sinking in UP TO MY KNEES. But my float ring works in just a few inches of water, so I just waded out as best I could, then when the water was a few inches above the mud (and therefore up to my thighs) I sat back into the float. Out popped my feet from the mud, and I was floating at last.

It was very relaxing once I got settled. The water was definitely cool but not bracingly cold. I was very comfortable. I mostly floated in place-- I didn't want to expend much energy paddling around the pond, so I just floated near where the stream flows into the pond, and looked up at the trees.

Getting out was a bit tougher than getting in. I paddled back so that my float was touching the shore, but when I got out of the float I immediately sank knee-deep into the mud. And I had to figure out how to get myself up out of the mud onto the shore-- I hadn't considered that gravity would be working against me here, going from a more-buoyant situation to a less-buoyant situation. But I managed to scramble out.

However, I couldn't figure out how to get the last 4" of mud off my feet. Even further onto the bank, I would sink in about 4" (just above my ankles) when I put my weight onto a single foot. I did that so I could rinse my other foot in the water. But once I had one foot clean, I'd have to stand on it to rinse the other foot, so I was not really making progress. I gave up and walked up the hill to dry off on the hammock.

Ultimately, after I dried off, I just walked back to the house with muddy feet. But even after T hosed them off for me outside, and then I came in and took a shower and scrubbed them with soap and a scrub brush, they STILL weren't clean. T had me sit down in our big tub and he scrubbed them again for me. Admittedly, I have a hard time seeing my feet, so I'm not surprised that I missed spots.

I'm undecided whether the mud is a big enough problem that I will walk around to the beach in the future, or maybe I can just figure out some way to deal with the mud. The compromise plan would be to get T to blaze a path through the woods from the near edge of the pond to the edge of the dam. From there I could walk over the dam and around the narrow shore path to the beach on the far side. Which while less convenient than just plowing through the mud, is still much easier than going all the way up the driveway then back down the path to the pond.