Restless, Tired

I fell asleep at 10pm tonight, yet haven't really slept. I get thirsty, take a drink, but then have to go to the bathroom an hour later. I'm not hungry but feel like eating, but don't have much appetite so can't think of anything good to eat so I don't. I lie on one side to get comfortable, but then my limbs fall asleep on that side, so I have to flip over, which is a big production with all the pillows I'm using to try to keep my limbs from falling asleep (which at this point all the pillows do is stave off the inevitable, but at least it helps).

My feet aren't swollen like they were when I was pregnant with W, the problem now is mostly with my arms and hands. They don't appear to be swollen, but they do fall asleep all the time. Like even if my arms are bent holding a book, they'll go numb. It's annoying.

T made me some warm milk, I'm hopeful that will help me settle down tonight and get some good sleep. Another midwife appointment tomorrow morning. Five days until the due date.