Still Healthy

I had my 39-week appointment with the midwife today. Everything is good. I feel fine, she says it makes sense that I'm resting a lot, many women slow down at this point. My blood pressure is normal, my cervix is soft and ready, although she didn't think it was so ready that I couldn't go another week or so before labor starts. Although if I DO have a big contraction that pushes the baby's head down, the cervix would likely give way fairly easily and so labor would progress just fine from there.

She said that someone had done a study about when babies are generally born when not induced or otherwise influenced by medical factors, and the answer was that the middle of the bell curve was actually 41 weeks and 1 day. T brought up a good point that if that is the case, why would the "due date" be set at 40 weeks? I figure that the medical establishment either got it wrong to begin with, or that even if it used to be accurate trends have changed over the past 100 years and they've never bothered to update their methodology. Or maybe it's better to make sure women are prepared for birth a little early-- better than having a baby before you've made arrangements to care for it.

I'm pretty much ready to have this baby now. Not that I'm especially uncomfortable or anything (things have actually gotten better this past week since I've slowed down), but really there aren't any more ducks I need to get in a row. T and I are ready to care for a new baby. On the other hand, for an unexplained and irrational reason, I kind of fancy a baby with a June birthday rather than May. Since it's just a matter of days, it's not going to make any difference for party planning, giving me more time to plan after W's birthday in April, like I said it's irrational.

Maybe since I have a summer birthday (August), I subconsciously want a child with a summer birthday, too. I don't know. So I'm hopeful I'll go into labor in the early morning hours (5 or 6 am, something like that) of 6/1 and give birth that morning. After laboring through the night last time, I agree with T that it would be nice to labor after a decent night's sleep instead of winding up being awake for 40 hours or whatever it worked out being for us.

It's not like I fully expect to be able to control when I labor, but I believe in a mind-body connection (especially after my dramatic results from neurofeedback). And if I have it set in my imagination how things are going to go, I think there is a better chance that actual events will work out that way than if I don't have that image in my head. Just like sports psychologists have their athletes imagine a perfect performance, same with musicians, I figure I'll imagine my "perfect" labor and delivery. Then just let my body take over when it's time. Which will be next Wednesday morning ;-).