Good Cookout

One of W's playmates is moving to Los Angeles for the summer, and they threw a good-bye cookout this afternoon. I slept well last night and was able to nap this afternoon, too (as did W), so I had enough energy to go and enjoy myself.

There was just the right number in attendance that I could pretty much sit still in the backyard, and as nearby chairs opened up I could chat with different people without actually having to expend any energy myself walking around and mingling. T spent a lot of time pulling toddlers around in a wagon. W liked playing with the other kids-- he seemed to like being one of the older kids there (most of the kids were closer to his playmate's age than his age, so they were about 6 mos younger than W). I think he'll like having a little brother.

I am surprised that I am not tired this evening. Ordinarily, I'd need to lie down after an excursion. I did come upstairs to relax in the bed after we got home, but only out of habit rather than true exhaustion. I am wondering a little if this is my pre-labor burst of energy, but haven't been getting any contractions or anything, so I'm not seriously thinking about it. It just crossed my mind, is all. I'm pretty much figuring I'll have to wait until next week, especially since I read about the "new" due date. I'll make another post about that.