Online Shopping Spree

I've been doing a bit of online shopping these past few days. I've hardly been going wild, but I have gone ahead and gotten a few things that are ever-so-slightly gratuitous.

Yesterday I finally decided I'd better get serious about buying some new nursing bras. I got one "nice" one when W was born, and wore it for two years anytime I went out with him. Needless to say, it's completely beat and pretty much useless now. I've got a handful of those soft sports-like bras that are very comfortable and I can wear them for nursing, but they aren't particularly figure-flattering for wearing under nicer clothes. I haven't worried about that, given that I'm walking around town in a MUUMUU lately, but I'm looking toward the future.

So I got some new nursing bras so I can trash a few of the oldest ones in my drawer. And while I was on, I decided to go ahead and get a few things for my new baby. Despite my best intentions to make a bunch of fitted diapers for W, I only made a couple. And you still need to use snappis and a diaper cover with them. So I ordered a single pair of bummis (I think that's the brand I ordered) for the newborn. Maybe that one diaper will turn out to be so convenient it will inspire me to sew up a bunch more. I doubt it, but we'll see. I do have a little machine to add snaps now which I didn't have when W was a newborn, so there's one limitation I had then that has been removed.

I also got the diaper sprayer that attaches to the water valve of your toilet. I saw it when I was pregnant with W, but figured I'd just swish the diapers in the toilet to clean off the solids rather than pay for the fancy water jet. However, having gone through the whole swishing-in-the-toilet process for five months until W was toilet-trained for poop, I now think the fancy sprayer will be worth the money. Live and learn.

I also got some new 0-3mo onesies. It's not even like I haven't already gotten new baby onesies, but I just wanted more. Maybe it's because I know now how much spit-up babies get on their clothes, and how I don't like carrying around a baby that smells like sour breast milk, and that I'm having this baby in the summer, when things will sour quickly. It will be a bit of a luxury to have such a pile of clean onesies that I can blithely change the baby after every feeding if I feel like it.

Today I wound up on the Vogue pattern site. I'm not even sure how I got there. Oh, I remember-- I was looking for a pattern to make the cute cargo pants for toddlers (they charge $14 and up at Old Navy for them) but couldn't find any at the specialty pattern sites. I didn't find a pattern like that at the regular pattern sites, either, but I did find some other stuff. They're having a sale for Memorial Day, so the Vogue patterns (which are usually an annoying $15+ each) were only $3.88. So I got patterns for three dresses with necklines I think I could wear for nursing (one even has a FRONT zipper). Plus two patterns for toddler boy clothes-- one a shirt/pants pattern, the other for a romper. I didn't get the patterns when W was younger, since I figured I'd just make my own patterns (and I actually did make him several pairs of play pants from old T-shirts and I made the pattern). But I only made patterns for clothes he wore before he started walking. I think the pants might have to be a little more particular now to ensure he's comfortable when walking around. And I found I just can't be bothered making a pattern for a button-down shirt. So we'll see, maybe I'll sew some clothes this summer.

I've still got a LOT of summer fabric I bought when I was in NYC back in spring 2010. I don't think I used any of it yet, but it's still taking up plenty of room on my sewing room shelves. So armed with some patterns, I plan on getting started on the stash. I concede that if I haven't designed my own clothes and made my own patterns in over a year, it ain't likely to happen with a newborn in the house, either. So my pattern-shopping isn't entirely gratuitous, since I have fabric in the house, it's likely I'll be able to make something, even while caring for a newborn, since I won't have to shop for fabric at any rate. I'm really looking forward to having my afternoons "off" once we get our part-time babysitter for the summer. With W occupied, I'll be able to put the baby in the sewing room with me between feedings, and work on some projects.