Last Music Class

Today I took W to his last music class of the semester. Last week I was a bit concerned about the activity level and wasn't sure if I would take him this week (sometimes T takes him). But I've been feeling pretty good the past few days. Staying in bed until 2pm is probably helping with that! T brings me coffee and breakfast in bed, then he drops W off in the bedroom around 10am so he can go get some work done. W either plays with toys in my room, or he climbs up on the bed with me and I read him books or he watches me play videogames. I only get up to go fix some lunch. Then it's back upstairs for naptime.

The baby seems to me to be settling in lower, by a few cm every day. I think this is helping me to feel better, not having my intestines and lungs squeezed quite as much as they were a few weeks ago. I still have some insomnia, but last night it was only an hour (from 3:30-4:30am) and I was able to sleep in until 9:30am so I felt fine when I eventually got up. The heartburn has eased up with the shifting of the baby, too.

Now that I'm feeling pretty good physically, I'm finding that I'm not so fixated on waiting for the birth to happen. I feel pretty laid-back about it now. Whenever. Although the odds are good it will be sometime this week.

T and W joined me down at the pond in the late afternoon before dinner. T thought the water was cold and was content to just sit on the rock with his feet in the water. W waded in, but didn't stay long. I, on the other hand, thought the temperature was just right, and spent the whole time submerged. I think I want to get a slightly larger reclining float. The ring I have is good, but W wants to climb up in there with me (like he did last summer), but now he's heavy enough that we sink when he climbs in.

I've got to start moving some sand toys down to the beach-- W gets bored since there aren't many rocks or acorns to throw into the water from the beach side, and we don't let him walk along the shore beyond the beach since it's slippery and the water gets deeper. Today T took him back to the hammock-side of the pond for about half the time we were down there. I stayed in the water. The pond is small enough on the inflow side that I can converse with people on either shore from a single spot in the water. Convenient.