Amazing Ability to Nap

So today followed my now-standard routine. Awake around 8:30am, but stay in bed waiting for coffee and breakfast to be delivered by T. T drops off W around 10am, and I stay in bed while amusing my son with either books or videogames. Or he just plays with toys in my room by himself.

But here's the part that confounds me-- around 11am, I start getting tired! And I haven't gotten out of bed yet! Today I was so tired that T took pity on me and brought me lunch in bed, too. Because as tired as I was, I knew I wouldn't be able to go to sleep hungry. I was out cold by noon.

Now, I didn't get a great solid nap yet today since W didn't fall asleep until 1:20pm. From noon until then he was reading quietly (which was nice) or fussing and whining until he fell asleep (less nice). So I can't be really asleep myself until he's out. And since it took over an hour, my "window" for sleeping myself was over by the time he went out.

However, I suspect that if I just play a few rounds of solitaire or other game, that I'll get tired again, and be able to nap soundly this time. All without ever having gotten out of bed.

On the bright side, I usually have more energy after my nap. I think I'll take W out shopping this afternoon. I want to get a larger pool float, maybe get him his very own baby float-- you know those ones shaped like little cars with leg holes for the babies that keep them sitting up? He'll still wear his life vest, but then he can be in a float like his mama, without sinking my float himself.