June Birthday

Alright, it's official. B2 will have a June birthday. This will make him unique among my side of the family. However, I have a nephew on T's side whose birthday is June 3rd. So it's possible the two cousins will have the same birthday.

I went to three different stores with W this afternoon while running errands. But it gave me a tremendous headache. My guess it was the heat that was the problem more than the activity. Or maybe it was the activity in the heat. But I felt better a few hours after I got home and went straight to recline in bed.

I pretty much feel the same as yesterday, which is better than I felt in previous weeks. I have no intuition that the baby will be born anytime imminently. I might have to wait a few days. Or another week, who knows?

I did get a larger reclining float while we were out, so I might get a chance to test it out on the pond tomorrow (I wasn't feeling well enough when I got home tonight to go out there). I got W a simple water ring since the floats specifically for babies I saw had a maximum weight of 25 lbs.

I also got some netting that converts the styrofoam float fingers into a chair.

T said we might go into Cville to take a look at a Grand Cherokee tomorrow. But after a very difficult trip home from the lumber mill where they overloaded his trailer with mulch he told me this afternoon that he was re-thinking the plan to sell the pickup and rely on the SUV/trailer combo. What happened today was that he had to pull off the road when he saw smoke coming from the trailer, and move an entire pickup bed's worth of the mulch from the trailer to the bed of the pickup by hand. He had to transfer the mulch literally by hand since he didn't have a shovel with him. In 97F heat. Only then could he proceed safely home. If he hadn't been able to move some of that weight to the truck (for instance, if the truck was an SUV not a pickup), he would have been completely out of luck. I suggested he look into what the rules are for converting our pickup to a "farm use" vehicle, to see if that would lower our carrying costs while still allowing us to use it when we need it.

If that won't work for us, then we might have to ditch the Grand Cherokee plan, and start looking for a 4WD pickup truck with a crew cab large enough for us to put car seats in the back.