New Jeep?

I think we got a new Jeep. We all went out to Belmont Pizza this afternoon after our pretend-nap*. W and I hadn't eaten since T made us crepes around 11am, so we went inside and ordered pizza (this was around 4pm).

While we were in the restaurant, T was outside in the parking lot inspecting a red Jeep. I saw the outside of it-- it was in extremely good condition. Bright red. It's quite a bit more expensive than the one we looked at last month, but T says it's a limited edition and newer etc.

T took it for a test drive and said it's considerably better than the model we drove last time (which I did drive). He said I'd be as happy with this as the Lexus. That remains to be seen, but it does appear to be a luxury model from the glance I threw it as I walked by.

But we didn't leave with the vehicle since T didn't have enough cash on hand, and it was too late to make it to a bank. So I think T made arrangements with the owner to pick it up tomorrow afternoon. With the caveat that he might not be able to make it if I give birth between now and then. So now it appears that it will be more convenient for us if I don't have this baby until Thursday night at the earliest. Although Friday would be easier from a logistics standpoint, since I'm not sure how late we have to pick up the truck on Thursday, presumably after the guy gets home from work.

While I'm personally appalled by the practice of elective inductions for childbirth, I concede that there are scheduling conveniences for all involved. But I personally don't think it's wise to put one's body through such a medical crucible as induced labor for mere convenience. Not to mention the risk to the baby who might not be developmentally ready to be born, after all. So we'll take our chances waiting for spontaneous labor, and how that interacts with buying a car. Right now I feel like it won't be an issue. I still haven't got that burst of energy, nor have I really had an urge to nest. Although T has helped me with my intellectual need to nest by *finally* putting together W's new bookshelf. Now W has an appropriate shelf in his room, and we've moved the "dangerous" shelf back into our room. So now I can clear out the shelves near the bed (which were full of books) and start filling them with burp cloths and other baby stuff.

*pretend-nap: W and I slept in this morning, so I was prepared that he might not nap today. But I did get him to lie still in bed with me for over an hour, "pretending" to nap. He's not thrilled with my demand, he would have preferred to be playing, but I could tell he was tired and I knew he wouldn't make it through the afternoon without at least a rest. Luckily for me, I felt revived after a pretend-nap, too.