40 Weeks

But will I still be smiling at 41 weeks? That is the question!

T told me this afternoon that he thought I looked good in this dress, and that I should wear it more often after I'm done being pregnant.

I'm not surprised-- he likes the clothes best that I'm eager to wear in public least. This one because with my near-nursing-sized breasts it's extremely immodest on top. Also, I save this one for pregnancy since it's form-fitting. Good for a celebration of fertility, but not so great after I have the baby since it makes me look like I'm still pregnant the way it clings to my middle. But T said what he likes about it is the Hawaiian print. I sincerely doubt that my midsection will be recovered enough anytime this summer to wear this again postpartum, but I do have a plan. I may see how much fabric is available in the skirt part, and see if it's enough to use to make one of my new dresses that I recently got a pattern for. Those are more forgiving through the middle. One pattern even uses two contrasting fabrics, so I might have enough of this for at least one of the colors, and I'll just get a solid color to coordinate. Best of both worlds-- please my husband AND feel comfortable wearing the clothes in public.

And if there isn't enough fabric regardless, I can always just wear this dress around the house this summer. If T's happy with my figure in this dress, who am I to argue? I have quite a collection of clothes that are waaay to young/immodest for a middle-aged woman to wear to the grocery store (or anywhere public, in my opinion), but T actually prefers his mutton in lamb's clothing, so from time-to-time I indulge him. After 11 years I know what he likes in a wife.