Labor Encouragement

I wrote a few phrases on an index card this afternoon, and titled the card "Labor Encouragement". It read:

Let go, and allow your body to do the work.
Breathe deeply and relax into the pain.
Allow your body to open and release the baby.
Release the tension you feel anywhere in your body.

W was napping next to me in bed, and so when T walked into the room I wordlessly handed him the card. He read it carefully, pondered the messages, but looked puzzled.

I whispered that I'd thought of a few things he could say to me when I was in labor that I thought would help. He smiled and told me he thought I wrote that card with encouraging phrases for HIM since he had stopped in my room to check on me just before going out to do some yardwork. And he thought I was trying to psych him up for the physical labor.

No wonder he looked puzzled! That's so funny! I think were the card for him I'd have written things more like, "if you get too hot, find some work to do in the shade," rather than the more new-age-y stuff I came up with.

We took a childbirth class when I was pregnant with W, and the phrase we came up with then was just "open your cervix". I didn't find it particularly helpful to hear when I was actually in labor, but how was I to know? Now that I've been through it, it was easier for me to come up with a few things that I'd like to be reminded of when I'm in pain.

Although I've gotta say, I really am looking forward to a much shorter labor process this time around. I feel I could certainly get through 14 hours again, and would be better prepared for it this time if it came to that, but I'm really hoping it's going to be less than a full day's work for b2.