Redneck Maternity Photos

There is a website somewhere (I saw it once, but didn't bother to bookmark it) that has bad maternity photos. A lot of them feature mothers-to-be posing with firearms. Before I saw that, I hadn't realized it was a "thing" but it must be for some demographic.

While I couldn't be bothered to drag out T's hunting rifle, I did take the time to throw on a too-small bikini and pose with our redneck paraphernalia for some irreverent maternity photos. I did the tasteful thing when I was pregnant with W. B2 doesn't get the same respect, but he gets more fun.

Here's me posing on the tractor:

And I'm attempting a classic pin-up pose on top of a sports car. Of course, in our redneck version I'm massively pregnant and the sports car is knee-deep in the weeds since it hasn't been started up in years.