Our New Ten-Year Old Ride!

We did go get a new car today! It is ten years old, a 2001 model, but it's new for us. I can't believe in what good condition it's in. The interior seems to be in better shape than our Lexus which is several years newer. I don't think either of the previous owners toted kids in the back. The guy we got it from was selling it because the gas costs were too high. It's 4WD all the time, V8, so I can see that.

But we're only going to use it on as as-needed basis, so the gas costs aren't such a big deal for us. When we got home we took it for an off-road drive around the farm. It easily handled hills that our Ranger couldn't. Its towing capacity is also much greater.

My guess is that T will keep the Ranger for several months and we'll see if we ever need to use it. I'll probably go ahead and get a toddler car seat for the Jeep (we already have two infant car seats, so one will go in the Jeep). That way we really could be a true two-car family, and take either car out. But due to the gas mileage situation, we'll probably stick mostly with the Lexus like usual.