2nd Home Visit

I lucked out this week and didn't have to go into town for my weekly midwife appointment. Not because I had my baby (which was certainly my first choice), but because they just happened to have another home visit somewhere out this way scheduled for this week, so they just came to see me after that. Usually you just get one home visit, at the 37-week appointment.

The baby seems to be doing fine. I discussed post-term options with midwife D for a bit. Once you hit 41 weeks, they'll refer you to get a sonogram if you like. There are certain things they look for, like volume of amniotic fluid, baby's movement and tone, placental stuff, to find out if the gestational length is becoming a problem. If there are problems developing, you might want to go to the hospital for an induction. But midwife D said no clients have yet to come back with a low score (high scores mean everything looks fine), and everyone has delivered spontaneously prior to finishing their 43rd week.

I'll go get the sonogram if I finish 42 full weeks without giving birth. But I'm not really concerned that that will happen. I'm still in my 41st week now, and will be until next Wednesday, so I've got another week and a half. The weather is beautiful, so we'll probably all go to Fridays After Five this afternoon. While I'm downtown, I'll eat one of those labor-inducing cupcakes, and see if it works. It won't be scientific, since my new due date is still tomorrow, so I'm only past my date based on the number calculated in the 19th century. Based on modern healthcare, I'm not even due until tomorrow.