Pep Talks Helped

I woke up this morning disappointed that I didn't go into labor overnight. Now even the later Mittendorf's due date has come and gone. On the plus side, I'm past the hump of the bell curve. On the minus side, I might still have another TWO WEEKS to wait.

I sent out a facebook plea for pep talks, and it worked. Several women who had run long in their pregnancies attested to the probability that the longer the gestation, the better the resulting baby eats and sleeps.

W was never (and still is not) what one might call a "good sleeper". I don't think he's a terrible sleeper, probably closer to average from the stories I hear, but definitely not good.

And my diet was pretty severely impacted when I couldn't eat any dairy food for the first six to nine months, or however long that was that he had that food allergy. I forget when I was able to start eating dairy again, but I do remember I was without it longer than I had hoped.

So if the trade-off for a baby that drinks my milk (no matter what goes into it!) without getting gas or a rash and sleeps well is that I have to carry him in the womb another few weeks, so be it. That seems like a reasonable trade-off to me.

Of course I realize that it's possible I'll carry this baby late and he'll STILL be a difficult baby, but for now I see no harm in looking on the bright side and being optimistic. What fun if I have an "easy" baby! W was so difficult right from the start (I wouldn't wish a NICU experience on anyone), it would be karmic justice for me to have an easier experience this time around, right?

Already I've been blessed with a joyful and mostly-symptom-free pregnancy. Which has already been more fun than W's when I had lots of mental "issues" with the interaction of meds and hormones and required therapy the whole time. And I haven't really had any swelling worth complaining about, I still fit into my flip-flops, at least. Last time my feet were so swollen I could only wear the Birkenstocks adjusted out to the furthest strap settings, no other shoes would fit.

So I'll continue to try to enjoy this pregnancy as long as it lasts. It's likely to be my last pregnancy, so it makes sense to savor it, if possible. Although some days it is more difficult that others, since what I want to be savoring now is another little baby in my ARMS not my womb.

I am bummed out that that @#$@#$ cupcake shop is closed not only on Sundays but also on Mondays. My cupcake-amnesia on Friday has come back to haunt me. But if I have not delivered prior to Tuesday, I will definitely swing by the shop first thing in the morning on my way to my midwife appointment, and order several cupcakes for a mid-morning snack.