Gourmet Food Time

Despite the 3rd trimester being the time when avoidance of extra calories is most important, since they go straight to the baby making him larger and thus harder to push out, I've officially stopped worrying about it.

I have made the executive decision that my late-pregnancy experience will be more fulfilling if I eat what I want when I want. The boy won't grow larger than my body can accommodate, I'm sure. Nature works that way.

It's not like I'm eating a gallon of ice cream for dinner, luckily my wants are fairly healthy, so that helps.

Today I didn't have any more than the usual number of contractions, so I decided I'd go out and get a pedicure while I still had the chance. Living so far from a nail salon, it will be difficult for me to leave the house, drive there, get a pedicure, and come home all between a feeding. I went with a slightly brighter color than last time. Which was a tasteful pale color I thought would be my childbirth color, but it's been so many weeks now that it grew out. So here's to hoping that today's pedicure will be the last before labor. . .

The nail salon is near a gourmet grocery store, so I picked up a few things on my way home. Tonight for dinner I made crisp rosemary potatoes (sliced some red potatoes thin and fried them in olive oil, then put them on a stoneware tray and seasoned them with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and fresh rosemary to finish them in the oven) topped with a poached egg, sour cream, and caviar. Yum. I also sauteed a yellow squash in onion. Dinner was both healthy and delicious.

Tomorrow I'll make an indulgent charcuterie plate for dinner. Unless I give birth tonight, I've got another appointment with the midwives in the morning, so we'll probably eat lunch out (or at least pick something up to bring home, a lot depends on my fatigue level).

The plan will be to leave the house early tomorrow so we can pick up some Spudnuts at 9:45am (I haven't had any for years, but for some reason NOW I'm getting all sorts of cravings), then head over the cupcake joint when it opens at 10am. Then we'll be able to make it to the midwives' place in time for my 10:30am appointment. And of course once I eat the magic cupcake, labor should commence within 24 hours, so I guess we're looking at a birth date of either 6/7 or 6/8. Maybe I'll eat two cupcakes, I'll see how I feel tomorrow. I'll probably just have one, and save room for the doughnuts. . .