Got My Hopes Up

I had my hopes up for a little bit last night. Since my due date came and went, I've been having a glass of wine each night around 9:30pm after W is asleep. But last night, my intuition told me to skip it.

I then started getting slightly stronger contractions every 10 minutes starting at 10:30pm. When that lasted for an hour, I called my midwife to let her know. Although it definitely didn't feel like true labor, it did feel different than other days, like maybe I was getting closer to labor.

However, the contractions went away when I was able to fall asleep shortly after that. That, or they were weak enough I slept through them. I had a few more stronger ones this morning, but nothing regular. And by "stronger" I don't mean strong and painful, they're definitely still what I would consider mild, they're just stronger than little nothing contractions I've been having daily for NEARLY A MONTH now. Two more days and these contractions will have been around for four full weeks.

So I figure in retrospect that my nightly glass of wine has spared me the increased level of night contractions, which might have been the normal routine for over a week now, who knows? It's just that I skipped it last night and thus I felt the discomfort.

Back to waiting. Good thing I'm fascinated by the mystery of the birth process. Modern medicine still doesn't know what causes labor to begin, although I think the latest theory is that there is a chemical signal emitted by the baby's brain that flows through to the mother's body when it's time for the baby to come out.

This pregnancy has been so different from W's in many ways, and given the outcome last time, I take all these differences as encouraging signs that my new little baby has not suffered any hypoxic distress in utero, and will come out completely robust and healthy.

I'll rest for a few more hours now before it's time to head out for my appointment. Haven't decided if I'll ask the midwife to check my cervix or not. I'm leaning toward not, it's mostly a "curiosity" exam and doesn't really give anyone definitive useful information. Which is actually like MOST tests and exams given during a standard pregnancy, but medical doctors present these myriad tests as important and necessary. Midwives know the test results really don't reflect any change in outcomes, and so aren't necessary but optional if you're curious about the results. I skipped most tests with W, but took them with b2. I've passed them all with flying colors, for what it's worth. But the thing is, I probably would have passed them all when I was pregnant with W, too, so they don't mean much.