The Lemondrop Cupcake

So here it is, the famous Lemondrop Cupcake. I was waiting outside the front door of the shop when the owner opened up this morning. She took one look at me and knew why I was there. I ordered two to go.

She was very cute with her instructions on how to use the cupcake to induce labor. First, she said that the cupcakes do not work for all women. Then she admonished me not to share, I was to eat the entire cupcake myself. She suggested I eat the first in the afternoon, and then if nothing happened I should probably have the second sometime after dinner. And if I didn't give birth overnight, I should come back tomorrow for another dose of cupcakes. She says some women had to eat them two days in a row.

She asked when the baby was due, and I said last Wednesday. She asked what my "inducement date" was. I shrugged and said I wasn't going to get induced, I don't have an inducement date. She asked if I was seeing midwives, and I said yes. She said incredulously, "So what will you do? Just wait?"

Um, yes. As remarkable as that concept seems to be in this day and age, I will just wait. I assured her that in my midwives over 20 years of experience, no baby has ever failed to be born at some point. They all come out eventually. Even without induction, there have been no instances of perpetual pregnancy.

Midwife D did want to do an internal exam on me at my visit today, to be sure that things had significantly progressed from her last check two weeks ago. As it happens, they had. Although the baby is still rather high, my cervix is dilated several cm and is so soft that it was difficult for the midwife to even determine the edges. She doesn't think my condition indicates that I will carry for another week, it really could be any time now. She predicts that as soon as I have a contraction strong enough to push that baby firmly down onto the cervix, it will pretty much just give way and things will move quickly from there.

If that's the case, I'm in favor of that. Better to have a month (or more) of painless nuisance contractions to fully prepare my body than a long grueling labor at the end. Midwife D predicts that I will not have a very long time of uncertainly before I'm sure I'm in labor. For example, last night my contractions pretty much just lasted an hour before they stopped. She doesn't think they'd ever go on for several hours. They will either stop, as usual, or quickly morph into, "whoa, there is no doubt that I am in serious labor now" contractions. We'll just all have to be hopeful that things won't progress SO fast that the midwives won't have time to drive out here. But as long as I call them right when things start, there should be plenty of time. It only takes 20-30 minutes to get out here, and even short labors last longer than that. I think the average for 2nd babies is 6 hours. I personally don't think I'll go that long, but we'll just have wait and see.

Both apprentice midwives were there for my appointment. There was a bit of discussion about baby size. We're wondering if this one is just hanging out because he's got so much extra room in my womb that he doesn't feel any pressure (literally) to leave. W wasn't all that heavy at 8 lbs 15 oz, but he was certainly long at 23". I really don't feel nearly as big this time, even carrying for a longer time. The midwife consensus is that the baby doesn't even feel like a 9 lb baby, it probably IS smaller than W. But we're not sure whether I've got to wait until the baby actually grows to fill my entire womb or if he'll come out as-is. Per their fundal measurements, he's still growing, which is good and healthy. I, however, haven't been gaining weight, which is also good and healthy. This means that my body is using up its reserves for energy while I'm still eating enough that the baby is getting the good nutrients.

I've now got a cool 80 lbs to lose to get back to my goal weight (which I pretty much maintained from 2005-2007, so it's not that far in my past to be an unrealistic goal). I'm doubtful I'll be able to lose all that before my birthday, but maybe by the end of the year. The first 20 at least should come off overnight. One of these nights. . .