Half Mile Walk

So the contractions have been continuing this afternoon, but still irregular. Since I'm somewhat dilated, I figure this counts as early labor. Although I just read about "prodromal labor" which proceeds early labor, so I might just be in that still. It's a continuum, and can be hard to tell at what stage of labor you're in exactly. Either way, I've still got nothing regular to report.

I only ate one chicken nugget and a handful of fries for lunch since I was feeding W on the ride home from the supermarket and just had a little snack then. I intended to eat a regular lunch when I got home, but was too tired. I ate that cupcake and when right to bed.

I was ravenous by 4pm, so scarfed down a large charcuterie plate until I was stuffed. Felt much better after that. I decided to go for a little walk. I vaguely recall something from Ida Mae Gaskins' book that she'd send women in early labor on long walks to try to get their labors to progress.

So I decided to show a little ambition and walk all the way up the driveway to the mailbox. I took W with me so T could get a break. I extended the trip to my neighbor's, to let her know that hopefully we'd be needing her to watch W either tonight or tomorrow night. I had more contractions just 5 minutes apart while I was over there, but like all afternoon, I'd have a couple close together than nothing for a while.

Although the walk in total was a little over 1/2 mile, I didn't feel the baby settle much further down or anything. But I'm not going to take any longer walks because I remember with W I lived to regret the late 3-mile walk since my muscles were very tired when I needed strength the most.

I ate the first cupcake just after 1pm, so what do you think, maybe wait 6 hours and have the second cupcake around 7pm? Eh, I'll just wait until I'm hungry again. It won't be 7pm, but it won't be too much longer than that I'm sure.