Cupcake #2

I noticed my practice contractions picking up a little around 5pm yesterday, which is when I went for a walk to try to move things along.

Around 7pm I thought things were picking up again since contractions were down to 5 minutes apart. But they were still irregular, only some of them were close together. But these intermittent contractions lasted for over three hours (so much for the midwife prediction that I wouldn't have a long time of uncertainty!).

I was a little bit hungry after 10pm, but was also extremely tired. I usually don't go to sleep until between 11pm and midnight on days that I get a nap, so it was unusual for me to be so tired early. I refrained from eating the 2nd cupcake last night since I figured I'd rather sleep than have the baby.

I awoke this morning around 6am feeling well-rested, so I ate the 2nd cupcake as breakfast #1. I'm now getting tired again, so I'll take a morning nap since T & W are still sleeping themselves.

I'm hopeful that I will have a rare case of daytime labor & birth. If not, maybe I will try to focus on some housekeeping. I really have not had the urge to "nest" this time around, and it shows.

Uh-oh-- I hear the boys waking up in the other rooms. Better lie down and feign sleep if I want some rest. . .