So Much For Not Carrying Through The Summer

I thought with a 6/1 due date that I'd avoid carrying this baby during hot weather. Sure, maybe a few days in late May, but whatever.

But this is the 2nd week we've had multiple days in the 90s. I have the problem where I'm going kind of stir-crazy just staying in the air-conditioned house, but going out in the heat makes me feel unwell, so what to do?

I think I will go out shopping with W this afternoon. I only got a short nap, but it was fine since T took W so I could really sleep. I discovered that the bed tray I used during my convalescence from W's birth was not only dilapidated, but actually broken. So I'll go out and get a new one. I also need a flexible hose for the toilet so I can connect the diaper sprayer, and I'll go ahead and get b2's baby book. I'm going to try to get the same one that I got for W, hope that's still in stock after 2 years. . .

I haven't had any contractions since early morning, so I don't have any high hopes that today will be the day. Today just marks the end of week 41, anyway. This baby could easily wait another week or more.

I read about "planking" today-- it's where people take photos of themselves lying face down in unlikely places. I tried doing some planking around the house. I did two poses then was exhausted. T was not enthusiastic about taking the photos for me. If it weren't so hot out, I'd try to recruit a friend to come with me so I could get some maternity plank photos around town. Maybe if I'm still pregnant when it cools off. . .