Even Less Activity Today

For anyone checking my blog for birth updates (um, what percentage of my readership do you think that is? . . .), I must report that there was very little activity today, as far as I could tell (perhaps my womb and cervix are doing something undetectable by me, but we can only hope).

A few contractions in the morning, the now-routine bunch from 5-6pm, then a few more after that. But nothing I felt very excited about. Now that cupcakes have officially not worked for me (in my opinion), I don't have any more tricks up my sleeve.

I actually felt ok today running errands with W, despite the heat. I got nearly everything on my list, with the exception of the baby book. I may have to drive into Waynesboro for that. I'll do that tomorrow morning if I feel up to it.

While I'm out, I might see if I can find a few new maxi sundresses with stretchy tops. Or tops that are constructed in such a way that makes nursing practical. I've seen commercials for loose-fitting maxi dresses at Old Navy, so I presume they're "in" this year. I'm still wearing the few I got the summer after W was born, but they're getting pretty threadbare. I've mended the seams on one several times now. I find long dresses most comfortable in the summer since they keep the sun off my legs (portable shade!), there is enough fabric in the skirts that I can sit cross-legged on the ground while minding a baby, and the shape is forgiving enough that it flatters my postpartum midriff. Which looks a lot like my 5-month-pregnant midriff.