Baby Gift Etiquette

Some thoughtful friends and family have already sent gifts for b2, although I don't yet know who sent them.

This is because I was waiting for b2 to actually be born before opening the packages. But since they've been sitting in my hallway for well over a week, I think I might just go ahead and get on with it.

I wasn't sure if the etiquette for baby gifts was similar to that of wedding presents. It's been a long time, but I seem to recall that it was ok to open the gifts and write the thank-you notes before the wedding. Or maybe I just opened the gifts and wrote the notes and post-dated them for the day after the wedding, just in case something went wrong. In which case, the gifts would have to be returned if the wedding didn't happen.

The problem now being that I don't know what I'd post-date the notes for. If you'd have asked me in May, I would have figured June 2 or 3. Now I don't know what to do exactly.

I did finally pull up the address list for all the announcements I sent out when W was born, to figure out if I'll send out the same number as before. I basically am just eliminating most people who got an announcement but from whom I never heard anything back. I suspect some never got them, there were some addresses I was unsure about since people had moved. But it turns out that we did receive congratulations (plus gifts, W got a LOT of gifts, even from old acquaintances) from most people, so I'll probably order the same number of cards and just have a few left over. I like getting birth announcements, even when the news is spread over facebook and otherwise. It's fun to have baby photos up on the fridge. Plus it helps me to remember my friends' kid's names until I get them memorized. . .

I did get a baby book for b2 when I was out shopping this morning. It is a different one than W's, but so be it. It's close enough I can't figure one will feel gypped as an adult. I mean, there was a version that was an elaborate scrapbook-y thing that was clearly more involved than W's, so I avoided that to get the simpler book version. Not only so W wouldn't feel I didn't spend as much time on his, but because in fact I'm hoping to spend LESS time on b2's by actually just filling in the data each month rather than having to back and re-read my blog and back into the answers.

I'm feeling a little renewed interest in picking up where I left off in W's baby book, since I have all this extra time on my hands. It's something I can do while sitting in bed, at least. It's been so hot that I have been disinclined to knit. Although I got T to bring up a standing fan and set it up right next to my bed. So now even when it's 97F outside and the A/C is working overtime just to get down to 76F or so, with the addition of the fan directly on me I've finally gone from "kind of comfortable if I lie very still and don't think about the heat" to "cool and refreshed".