Passed Up Extra Exam

There is another woman in my midwives' practice that actually had a due date before mine, but also has not yet delivered. Since midwife D was going into the office to give her an extra exam, she called to offer one to me, too. I declined. Although I did request she go ahead and schedule the post-due ultrasound for next Wednesday. However, midwife D wanted me to get the ultrasound earlier, so she'll try to get me in on Monday-- I've yet to hear back when my appointment will be exactly.

I checked the date for the next full moon, and it's not until June 15th. Since I am not the only post-due woman around, I wondered if there was something astronomical about the lateness. I certainly hope b2 isn't waiting around for that event to occur. I think I read somewhere that the whole full-moon/more-births thing has been statistically disproven, so I doubt that's involved.

Now I just hope that me and this other woman don't go into labor at the same time. Because midwife B just left for a midwives conference in Africa, so only midwife D remains to assist at births. There are two apprentice midwives now, so there are still three women on-call, so someone would come out for the birth, but I'd feel better if a midwife with 20+ years of experience was the one with me, not a midwife-in-training. Given how W's birth went, I'm pretty sure I'll get D and not a trainee (even if it means she will leave the other laboring mother with a trainee part-way through the process), but you never know. But I'm actually not concerned about it-- I'll ask D next time I speak to her if the other woman is having her first baby or not. If we're both on subsequent babies then our labors won't be that long, the odds that they'd overlap seem quite remote to me. And the midwives did spend some time training T how to assist if there is a precipitous birth. But all these are just intellectual lthoughts that go through my head, like I said I don't feel a bit of worry about it. My sense is that everything will be just fine. I'm expecting a very laid-back, joyful birth experience.

Hopefully tomorrow. So I get that convenient-birthday-thing going on.