One-Month-Old Baby

I just realized that I'm coming up on the one-month mark from the first night I first got all those contractions and called the midwives. That was May 12th. If those contractions had been productive, I might have endured nearly a month by now of sleepless nights and the endless 3-hour repeating routine of nursing, burping, changing, and sleeping the baby.

Instead, I've merely had a month of light contractions and abundant free time. Not that I've been doing much with it, I mostly sit around and either entertain W or play solitaire or some facebook game just waiting for gestation to be over. Still, it's way more relaxing than actually caring for a newborn. One of the few negatives is that for the past month I haven't been able to put the baby down.

That's the main trade-off, as I see it. While he's in the womb, the baby is so easy to take care of. I don't have to go out of my way to feed him, or anything else. He seems to be a good sleeper, since I got over that patch of insomnia around week 37 I've been sleeping through the night myself. The only difficult part is literally the carrying. I might actually be getting some stretch marks and spider veins, after having managed to avoid them for over 41 weeks. Grr. The baby is definitely growing, but strangely, I still don't feel like I'm that big. Except when I look in the mirror. Or try to look down and read the bathroom scale and have to use the "save" function and read it once I step off since I literally can't see it. Then I feel pretty darn big. But other than that, I guess I'm accustomed to my size now.

Still, I do feel that I lumber around. Getting up from a seated or lying-down position is a slow and ponderous affair. Once the baby is born I'll have to put a lot more work into taking care of him, but I do look forward to being able to stretch out in ways that I simply cannot do right now. It will be nice to be able to hug W without his little brother being in the way. Or even just lie on my stomach for a little while.

Overall I guess I'm glad I've had another month of "rest" before the trial of newborn-care begins. I remember the first two months with W being quite difficult. But like Nixon, I'm now tan (thanks to all my pond floating time), rested, and ready.

Maybe b2 will decide to come tonight. As long as it's after midnight and he'll have the 11th as his birthday, I'm cool with that. I guess I really wouldn't complain if he decided to come out earlier, but I just don't feel that is likely, considering it's already after 7pm and I haven't had any contractions tonight.