Easy Birthday Hopes Fading

Although I woke up overnight, I didn't really get any contractions to speak of. And when I didn't get any this morning, my hopes of having an easy-to-remember birth date for b2 starting diminishing.

Not that all hope is gone, there are still over 12 hours left in this day. B2 has been more active since last night, and I do wonder if that's a good thing or not. Is he trying to get out, but unable to figure out how to send the neurochemical code that will start labor? Or is he just maneuvering himself into optimal position so he'll be ready when the time comes?

I just had another sign that I'm progressing, which I won't mention here since it's a little gross, but it happens when a woman is sufficiently dilated and other mothers can probably figure it out without me spelling it out on the internet. That just happened a few minutes ago.

So maybe I will have one of those rare midday-labors. T noted that not only is today the 11th, like when W was born, but it's also a Saturday, same as W. Although b2 did miss the 10am window if his goal was to follow in his brother's footsteps. But if nothing happens today, I'll probably try to go to Mass this evening instead of tomorrow. Mostly so I can save my energy to take W to one of his playmates' birthday party tomorrow afternoon. Or have a baby, whichever comes first.