Surprise Guest

I did surprise most people by showing up for the birthday party this afternoon. There was another mother from W's music class there who is due 7/4-- I think she hits 37 weeks tomorrow, so if she goes into labor early there is totally a chance that someone with a due date more than a month later than mine will have their baby first. Crazy, eh?

A's mom said one of her girls was born THREE WEEKS past her due date (but she had a perfect 10 Apgar score!). If b2 waits that long, it'll put his birthday at June 22. Good grief.

The baby is definitely feeling larger than he was before, but he still has room in the womb to move around (not a good thing, in my opinion, since I suspect he's waiting to completely fill the womb before coming out). I'm more afraid of getting a creepy-looking postdue baby than having a giant baby. I've read that the postdue babies have saggy, stained skin and long fingernails. Ick. I think I'd be happier with a big bouncy baby boy who looks fresh, even if it's more work to push him out.

It's nearly 9pm and I have no signs that I'll give birth tonight, either, although once again the odds would make it seem likely that I will. Now that I'm way past the hump of the bell curve, every day it is statistically more likely that I'll give birth today rather than tomorrow. However, b2 doesn't seem to have taken any statistics courses yet (although I'm considering playing lecture tapes to him in utero), so I can't count on him to get it right.