More Contractions, But Still Not Labor

Well, at least I have something to report. The contractions that started after the sonogram appointment this afternoon have for the most part continued. They're not particularly strong, although I'd say they're very slightly stronger than others in the past. Which I suppose still isn't saying much-- they don't interfere with my activities at all, nor do they hurt. But at least they've been going on since around 2pm, so that's over five hours now, which is longer than any other stretch of time.

Although they are not at all frequent. Or maybe I'm just not paying attention to them and they're more frequent than I realize. I got palpated by three midwives today, and each of them had to stop because I was having a contraction and they can't feel the baby during a contraction. But the thing was, I didn't even feel myself having the contraction. When they stopped, I'd reach down and feel my belly and it would be firmer, but I guess I'm so used to the little nothing contractions it's to the point where I don't notice them anymore. I suppose if I did, I'd have gone mad by now.

So I've for the most part been ignoring today's contractions, too, although they are strong enough that I do notice them. So once again, I'll end my evening post with the thought that perhaps I'll have b2 tonight. Not that anything feels imminent, but sometimes things like this just come out of the blue. But now my intuition thinks maybe the baby IS waiting for the full moon on the 15th, that's just two days from now.