So the 14th Came and Went

I wound up just hanging around the house most of the day. No major episodes of contractions or anything. I did decide to take a walk in the late afternoon, a bit over 1/2 mile. I would have liked to have gone a little further, but W was walking with me and he was getting tired.

T and I decided to go out to dinner locally, figuring it might be the last chance we'll get in a while. We're so lucky that W is so easy to take out to restaurants. He has very good table manners, and doesn't get too impatient waiting for the food (yes, the crayons they pass out at restaurants help!).

Despite the walk, I wasn't having any contractions tonight (although they've started now, after midnight), so we watched "The King's Speech"-- a very good movie!

If I don't have a baby by the end of the day today (Wednesday) then I'll be "officially" overdue. But if little b2 comes in the next 23.75 hours then he's still a regular term baby. Just one who stayed in for the duration. But with the lack of activity today, I'm wondering if I'll be one of those outliers who actually carries for a full 43 weeks. I hope not, but if so, it's not the end of the world. As I've mentioned before, as far as the patience thing goes, waiting another week for my second son to arrive isn't nearly as big a deal as waiting over EIGHT YEARS to conceive my first. That was very difficult for me, especially the first four or five years. This, this is easy-peasy compared to that.