Officially Post-Due

Hmm. I guess the full moon wasn't the answer for this baby. Now that I have finished a full 42 weeks of gestation, I am officially post-due.

The baby is still moving around the same amount as usual, and I still feel fine, so I presume everything is ok. It's just one of those things. But now I will at least start to consider using the castor oil / herbal induction protocol I've got at the ready.

But not today. Probably not tomorrow. Maybe over the weekend if I haven't given birth by then. I'm not sure. If I felt bad I would be more eager to move things along, but honestly except for the fatigue, I feel fine. And there are some days even the fatigue isn't all that pronounced. The menstrual-like cramps have been going on since Monday, so it just feels a lot to me like I'm on my period. A bit tired, crampy, fatigued-- it slows me down, for sure, but it's just not that bad.

I wonder if this is an indication that my child will be perpetually late throughout his life? Many aspects of personality are set prenatally, I think scientists have proven that with various twin studies. Maybe he'll just be laid-back and unconcerned with conventional time-lines. Ugh, I can see it now, not moving out until he's 26. I hope not.