Heart Rate Strong & Variable

I finally did get out to Old Navy this morning, but their selection of maxi dresses was nothing like what they advertise during TV commercials. I forget that about clothes shopping in Charlottesville-- it's awful! The Old Navy in NYC would have ALL the dresses. Nevertheless, I got a pair of gauze pants that stretches to fit me NOW, so they should also be fine for the postpartum summer. I also got a cute buttonless short-sleeved cardigan. I tend to wear a lot of skimpy camisole tops in the summer for ease of nursing, and with a little something to throw over my shoulders and provide a little more coverage they become fit to wear out to dinner, etc.

I had originally planned to maybe do a little more random shopping while I was at Barracks Road, but there really isn't anything in particular I need, and it would behoove me to get rid of stuff before I start adding more to the house. Since it was a beautiful day I decided to take W to the park instead of subjecting him to more stores.

Greenleaf Park was a toddler's paradise this morning. Full of kids, the vast majority looked to be under age 5. Luckily for me, W didn't want to go in the spray park, although he wanted to watch the kids in there. Which he could do conveniently enough from a swing. So I could stand in one place and push rather than chase him all over, which was nice.

Today was the first time he negotiated a few of the features on the playset all by himself. The first was the bridge-- it's a rope-bridge sort of thing, but big metal plates held together with chains. The gap between plates isn't large at all, but they do shake and move as you walk across. He's gone across the bridge before, but always holding someone's hand. Today I taught him a way to hold on to the side rails with two hands (it is too wide to hold on to both sides, he needs to hold on to one side with two hands) to walk down the steepest parts without falling. He did great.

He also climbed down an enclosed ladder. Or circular ladder, I don't know what to call it. Imagine a regular ladder, but then curl it around lengthwise, so it's like a tube with just a small opening between the two vertical rails. There were some older kids there who were very considerate and let W take his time learning how to climb down this ladder, they conceded that it can be scary the first time. But W didn't whine about it at all (he often whines in the middle of something scary for him), and did a pretty good job. Although he didn't do the ladder fully by himself, I was right there to spot him and explain where he needed to put each hand and foot. But he did it!

After we'd been at the park for about an hour, I decided to pop into the midwives' office to get b2's heart rate checked out, since they're only a few blocks from the park and have office hours on Thursdays. And although the risk of things going wrong increases after a "regular" pregnancy term, this is mitigated with frequent monitoring, which is the safer alternative to induction. If there is no problem with the baby's or mother's health, there is no problem running long in pregnancy. It's only if things start to get wonky that there could be problems. Midwife D (oh! I just realized there are TWO Midwife "D"s, so my designating each one in my posts is a bit nonsensical, oh well!) was free, and checked out b2's heart rate with the doppler monitor.

B2's heartbeat was strong and variable, which is ideal. He's also moving around a lot, which is good. Some problems are caused if the baby's growth gets restricted by the size of the womb, but that's not our situation at this point. My womb's got plenty of room. Too much, in my opinion, since if it was a little smaller this kid might be born by now!!

I took W to Bodo's for lunch. Just this week he has started to climb into his car seat all by himself! It still takes him a while, and sometimes I have to lift him a little so he can pull his legs out from under him (he's still rear-facing, so it's complicated), but it's much easier on me than when I had to lift him completely up from the ground. So this week we can make a few more stops than I could last week without me getting exhausted. Hence the ability to go out to lunch rather than just have me feed him on a trip through a drive-through.

I had a fair number of contractions once I got home, which I figured were from fatigue and exertion, and sure enough, they went away after I was able to nap. Right now, T had taken W out on a trip to pick up a used convertible car seat. We've got infant seats for both the car and the Jeep now, and with the addition of a convertible seat for the Jeep, we'll be set with two cars both fully-functional family cars.

Not that the car seat is the only thing we're waiting on, though. We still haven't gotten around to getting the Jeep titled in our name or registered or with plates. We've only driven it around the farm or to neighbors on our private road. Maybe tomorrow our outing can be to the DMV. Unless I have a baby tonight.

I found a website that shows the full bell-curve for a due-date, click this link to check it out. My due date of 6/1 should be highlighted in purple, the current date in yellow. I've got a 19.5% chance of going into labor today, and 79.2% chance of this happening within the next 7 days (back on my due date these same odds were only at 8% and 51.6%). I think the chart has its column headings mixed up for the "by this date" and "on this date" columns at the far left, but otherwise looks pretty good to me.

I found out something else interesting from the midwife today-- on the sonogram report, the doctor listed "observed fetal development" (or something like that) as 39 weeks (rather than 42). Which gives me hope that I won't have a flaky-skinned post-due-looking baby, but that b2 is just developing a little more slowly than the average baby. This actually makes some sense to me, since I have a slower metabolism than the average woman (due to the brain-wave issues where I'm all delta and high beta without much in-between). W was probably just born on his due date because of the hypoxic trauma he had-- I now suspect if he hadn't had that hypoxia whenever he did in utero (the doctors could never figure out exactly when that happened, they just narrowed it to sometime during the two weeks preceding birth), he might have run long, also.