Part of the Regimen

I wound up doing part of the induction regimen today-- I did some nipple stimulation this morning, then took two walks of 30 minutes each-- one in the early afternoon, and another in the late afternoon. It wasn't on the exact schedule of the induction instructions, but I'm not worried about that today. I'm just trying to do everything I can to encourage b2 to come out on his own today or tonight before I start with the official induction routine tomorrow.

The 30 minute walks weren't too bad. I was a little tired afterwards, but I don't think I've overextended myself. I've had a few contractions today, but nothing out of the ordinary. I don't have exceptionally high hopes that I'll go into labor spontaneously, but the thing is that if my body doesn't give any warning signs with this birth, than I can never really be "expecting" it to happen. Alternatively I could always be expecting to go into labor.

I considered going to Fridays After Five tonight, but there was a thunderstorm here and by the time it was over it was already past 5pm, and although the weather was pleasant at that time, neither T nor I really felt making the drive into town. So that's when we took our second walk. W didn't want to go on another walk, but he readily consented to a stroller ride (T pushed). We made it to the end of the street that time. The first walk I went alone with W, and we only made it to our neighbor's mailbox in 15 minutes when it was time to turn around because W walks so slowly.

The neighbor who is going to watch W for us when I do eventually go into labor came over to spend a little more time with him-- he actually trotted off and showed her around outside while T and I stayed inside! And then she tried to take him for a short trip to her house without us-- he balked at getting into her car with her, but consented to letting her drive him over there in our truck. So that seemed to work out fine.

I'm over half a month past my due date now, and I feel a bit more justified in wanting to move things along. As long as I was still within the regular term (full 42 weeks) I felt patience was justified. Even now, in my 43rd week, I'm not overly worried that anything is amiss, but it is really rare to go into the 44th week, so I have a feeling that I want to have this baby before that happens. Hence the natural induction tomorrow. Because if that fails, there is still time during the 43rd week to try something else. I'll have to ask the midwives if they ever do the castor oil thing twice, or if they just recommend going to the hospital at that point. They might just reassure me that sometimes it takes a longer time for some babies to be ready to be born, and encourage more patience. I don't know. They do send a fair number of women to the hospital for their births if anything seems amiss. The other woman who was due 2 days before me finally gave birth the night of the full moon, but they said she wound up transferring to the hospital for a C-section. I hope that won't be the case with me, but who knows if there is a "problem" with the baby causing him to stay in the womb an extended time.

The uncertainly of the situation is the unnerving thing-- some babies run long because that's just how they are developing and it would do them a disservice to get them out early before they are ready. But other babies run long because there is something wrong that can't be addressed until they are born, so it's better to hurry them out. But there's no really good way to tell which is which while the baby is still in the womb. Although I've read a little more about post-due babies, and was reassured that usually if something is wrong it is usually with low-weight post-due babies, and that is seemingly not the case with mine. Also, in week 43 and beyond the ratio of boys to girls is 2:1, so boys are more likely to naturally run long.

I figure I'm just doing my best to straddle the line-- I've waited a fair amount of time, and tomorrow I'll try an intervention that at least will promote a natural pattern of labor if it works. The hospital induction with pitocin almost always results in a completely unnatural labor pattern that winds up being excruciating for the woman (way worse than natural childbirth, which I found painful enough the first time). So I'd rather avoid that. My biggest fear with the castor oil is just that it will make me puke. I can live with that, it's miserable but at least not excruciating.

Still, my first choice remains spontaneous labor. Tonight. We'll just have to wait and see if that works out for me.