3/8ths Done With Induction

I hadn't quite grasped how fully this induction regimen would fill the time. T just likened it to being in the induction army. Not only are there things to do every 30 minutes, many of the activities TAKE the full 30 minutes, so you're really moving right along from one thing to another.

When I called Midwife D this morning to let her know I decided to to the protocol today, I asked if people generally make it through all parts (8am to 4pm) or if they go into labor sooner. She said most people make it through, and labor starts later. How much later, she said, depends on how close you were to going into labor spontaneously.

Oh really.

This gives me the impression that perhaps all this naturalistic herbal induction stuff is just a placebo, designed to make a desperate woman feel as if she's doing something. It certainly does help pass the time, there are a LOT of activities to fill the day.

If that's the case, so be it, I'm doing it anyway. The psychological benefit is real. Better than another day just hanging around the house waiting to go into labor. T and W joined me on the first walk today (W in the stroller), and T also helped with the acupressure and abdominal massage.

The tinctures I've got to knock back every 30-60 minutes (the schedule varies a bit) taste nasty, I don't look forward to those. I just took my first dose of the castor oil drink, and fortunately it wasn't as bad as the tinctures, although still on the gross side. I ran 2 oz castor oil, 4 oz orange juice, and .75 oz vodka through the blender with a pinch of baking soda to emulsify it all. Then drank it quickly, per the instructions. I knocked it back straight out of the blender pitcher. The castor oil doesn't have a particularly strong flavor, but it does taste like your drink is full of vegetable oil, blech.

I just took this, and at 11:30am the schedule reads "rest" so I get my first break of the day. I'll try to nap. I was up often during the night for the usual bathroom breaks, plus stronger contractions. The contractions were strong enough to wake me up a couple times per hour, but not strong enough to push me into active labor, so I woke up pretty irritated with the situation.

Coming up this afternoon I'll eat a "light lunch" at noon, then take another 30 minute walk (unless the effects of the first dose of castor oil preclude that), then I think I get the next dose of castor oil after that, and another session of nipple stimulation. The nipple stimulation does always give me contractions, but they have yet to propel me into labor.

Ah, at least I feel the half shot of vodka kicking in, I should be able to nap now. I hope I feel better this afternoon after I've gotten a little more rest.