Introducing Maximus Thorsen!

Maximus Thorsen was born at 5:57pm the evening of July 18th, 2011, after 3.5 hours of labor. Both labor and birth took place peacefully at home. He weighs 8 pounds, 4 oz, and is 21" long.

We were up with him for a few hours after he was born, but then we all turned in pretty early. I've been sleeping lightly with Max, T is getting a bit more rest in the other room so he can be fresh for tomorrow. Max has been a perfectly healthy and delightful baby so far during his first 11 hours! He is sleeping soundly now, but I couldn't fall back asleep after the latest awake bout so I figured I'd make a little post here.

Baby Max gave me the birth of my dreams; the whole experience could hardly have gone better. The castor oil part was a bit unpleasant, but quickly forgotten in the whirlwind of labor that followed (before I even finished the protocol, since labor started at 2:30pm). I'll post my birth story later, I'm finally starting to get sleepy again. . .