Mama & Max Doing Well

I've got a short video uploading to YouTube now, so I'll take a minute to post an update while that's processing.

I felt great for most of the day yesterday, I don't think those birth hormones started wearing off until around the 24-hour mark. Which is when I started noticing how sore my back muscles were. T massaged them with arnica oil (something recommended by the midwives) and that helped quite a bit.

My mother arrived yesterday with dinner, and will be here to help out all week, so I'll be able to pretty much stay in bed and rest. One of my friends with much childbirth experience recommended that I try to rest for a full 10 days, even if I feel better before then, so I don't relapse. The midwives came yesterday to give us our first postnatal checkup and I ran that by them, and they said that 14 days was even better if I could manage that. I will do my best-- don't expect to see me around town right away.

However, if anyone wants to pop in for a visit, that's fine. Especially if you have a child around W's age-- I stopped scheduling playdates for him a week or so before my due date, and because of the extended pregnancy he hasn't really played with other kids much lately. Mornings are probably best for playtime; he seems to be going through the transition from one nap to none and can be pretty grouchy in the afternoons if he doesn't get a nap, and if he DOES nap in the afternoon I'm loathe to wake him. I'm not on email regularly right now although usually at least 1x per day sometime. But call the house phone (we're listed) if you'd like to come over to make sure W is home and not out and about with his father.

T and I are both struck by how different Max looks from William. M might wind up looking more like a Waters than a Thorsen. We are curious to see how his features will develop as he grows out of the "newborn" look. . .

M is eating and sleeping well. I wasn't thrilled that he was up pretty much continuously from 2-4:30am last night (infants aren't supposed to be able to stay awake that long, are they?!?), but once he finally got back to sleep he slept through for several hours also, so I did manage to get some sleep. I'll be sleeping throughout the day, too, I'm sure. I certainly did yesterday. I had already had two naps by noon (another pacifist slogan just came to mind-- "We take more naps before 9am than most people do all day. . .").