So Newborn-y

I can't believe that Max is already nearly a week old! I am loving all of his newborn-ness. As mentioned in a previous post, I still do little more than he-- I eat, sleep, go potty. I did venture downstairs for the first time yesterday, and suffered no ill effects from it. But today I didn't go downstairs, I was quite tired and took two separate and lengthy naps during the day.

I just hang out in bed, I do spend a good bit of time nursing. M hasn't gotten himself on much of a schedule yet, so I'm doing my best to nurse on demand and not worry about it. Today he did a lot of one-hour nursing, but since he's been sleeping pretty well through the nights I'm in favor of giving him all the milk he wants during the day in order to do what I can to get some contiguous hours of sleep during the night.

I like nursing better this time around. I'm not as impatient for him to finish as I was with W (although to be fair, it seems that M is a more efficient nurser and generally takes less time and attention). Also, I'm accustomed to the discomfort when the baby first latches on and gets started; I nursed W for 18 months, so I've pretty much learned to just grin and bear those first chomps so I can relax through the rest of it. And I now know my favorite positions and nursing holds, so I'm not wasting time experimenting with every variant out there. I pretty much either lie down to nurse (overnight) or sit up & use the boppy pillow. I can improvise with other pillows if the boppy isn't conveniently near me. I tried to nurse with M in the sling yesterday, but couldn't quite work that out. But I was using a larger toddler sling since I'm not sure where the infant sling is right now. Once I start walking around more it will become more important that I find it.

I spend a lot of time just touching M's skin. There really isn't anything like touching a newborn-- not only is their skin so soft, their entire bodies are soft. Plus tactile stimulation is good for their neurological development, so I touch and massage him to my heart's content.

I still have long loving-gaze sessions. It's quite a novelty to have a person (no matter how small) who seems to be so taken with you that they are content to just look at you. No demands for conversation or playtime or any other interaction, really. Max seems just happy as a little clam for me to do nothing more than hold him, or even just snuggle close next to him. I don't even have to look back at him, I could be reading a book or something, and he'll still just be watching me. A simple way that babies endear themselves to their mothers. I know it's innate and for evolutionary purposes (if babies DIDN'T endear themselves to their mothers, they'd be outta luck pretty fast), but it's still effective. I look at M and it makes me think of all the thousands of years that mothers have been gazing at their newborn infants, probably feeling the same things. It's nice to be on that continuum of human experience.