Nothing But Vowels

Terry whooped me in Scrabble tonight. It was a frustrating game for me, I didn't get any of the good letters. He got both Gs, the J, X, Z, and Q. Even with triple-word squares, there was just only so much I could do with a tray full of vowels. At one point I was just looking for an L, M, or N, even used a turn trading in tiles and what did I get? Well, at least I did get a W and H, but it didn't help me with my desired bingo.

Terry beat me last night, also. But I think he just outplayed me, I recall getting my share of the good letters.

Maybe tomorrow will be my night. We usually play a game either before bed or before we watch late-night TV.

Tonight I'm tired and I've got to wake up relatively early tomorrow. Today I put in a full day of Guitar Hero, moving up in rank to 1,270th place in Easy Career and placing 8th in the Tuesday tournament. Plus I photocopied 62 pages of tax return one page at a time since the copy feeder was broken at the library, I mailed a package of baby clothes to my sister-in-law, and mailed off FIVE 2007 tax returns (I was able to submit the 6th online back on April 15th. . .). And I loaded the dishwasher. I suppose all that's enough to make anyone tired. No? Then it's just me, but today actually counts as very productive as far as my life goes. . .