Max's First Potty

Max pooped in the potty to my cue for the first time at 2:15am, Thursday 6/23 when he was 4 days old.

I hadn't really intended to start holding him over the pot so soon-- after starting W as an infant, I figured if I did the early training again I'd wait until the baby had head control to make it easier.

But I had M on the changing table that night, and when I took off his wet diaper I just had a feeling that he needed to poop. I have been making the cueing sounds (grunts and ssss) when I know he's going since he was born, so he's heard the cues a bunch of times. So I picked the boy off the diaper table, held him gently over our toilet, and grunted. Within seconds, he pooped. I was pretty much shocked that it worked out so well, so soon.

I'm not sure whether to credit M with responding to my cue or just chalk it up to my intuition that I knew when he had to go. But either way, he did poop in the toilet, and not all over the diaper table or me on the way to or from the toilet, so I certainly credit him with his first toilet poop.

At four days old. Go Max! Maybe the "early" part of toilet training will hold more true for M than it has for W. Although W's toilet skills have certainly saved us many a diaper change over the years, I'm not sure he's going to be fully "trained" to go to the potty by himself any sooner than kids who have just pooped on themselves this whole time. Nevertheless, I think the EC is worth it because even if it's not 100% of the time, any time I can get the baby to go in the toilet rather than in a diaper saves me cleanup time, of both the baby and the diaper.