Fitted Fleece Covers

I got a BumGenius all-in-one diaper for M to try it out. I thought it was rather expensive for a single diaper, but nevertheless thought I'd give it a try. While I honestly haven't used it as a single-use (per wash) diaper yet, I've been pretty happy with it as a fitted diaper cover.

I received a few fitted all-in-one fleece diapers from a friend, and have used those as intended, and have been pleased with their performance. I think I may work on making a bunch myself until I have enough to just use fitted cloth diapers for M.

The main reason I'm keen on the fitteds now is to eliminate the use of snappis. Not that snappis aren't great and convenient to keep pre-folds on the baby, but after two years I'm just tired of using them. It takes a little bit of coordination to hold the pre-fold in place while simultaneously snapping a cover to fit (and is honestly a little more difficult than using a snappi), but the end result is a neater, trimmer diaper/cover package.

The main reason I'm going to first focus on making fitted covers instead of all-in-one diapers, is a practical laundry issue-- the all-in-ones take a long time to dry. The prefolds are just thick where necessary (especially when folded properly when diapering, they even create a natural gusset around the leg) and unfold during laundering and drying so they get thin then and dry relatively quickly. And only the prefold needs to be changed with every movement; barring a blowout, the cover can be used again directly, or aired out for a few hours and used again later in the day. So keeping covers and diapers separate makes for less/quicker laundry. Which is not that big a deal with someone like W who doesn't wet that many diapers per week, but is a big deal with a tiny infant who is going through diapers at a rate of one per every few hours.

The cover pictured above is the first I've made that is self-lined. Primarily because I thought it would look better than the one I made with only one layer of fleece, and secondarily because I think perhaps my fleece is a bit thin and two layers will better keep moisture in. I used the pattern as I got it off the internet, but for the next one I think I'll make an adjustment for size-- already M is too large to use the smaller snap positions, so I'll either widen the front panel or lengthen the tabs (or both). I might add a small seam allowance to give a little more coverage around the legs, also.