Why Am I Tired?

I am just so fatigued today, and I wish I could pinpoint what it is that made me so tired so I could avoid that in the future if possible. I stood at the stove for a few minutes this morning to cook breakfast. I didn't think much of it, but could that bit of exertion have done me in for the day?

Or is it a delayed reaction from taking a walk down to the pond on Saturday afternoon? I didn't have any additional bleeding after that so I figured I didn't strain myself by walking those 600 yards (although afterwards my back was a little bit sore for a few hours and I did take a 2-hour nap when I got back to the house).

Or is it from being up from 1-2am and 4-5am feeding, burping, and changing Max? I've now had a full week of non-contiguous nighttime sleep, so perhaps it's just now catching up with me.

Or maybe I'm just fatigued from having a baby last week. Midwife D had her first child around age 25 and her last around 40, and said while she snapped back after about a week and a half at age 25, it didn't happen nearly so quickly in middle-age.

Well, no matter the cause of my fatigue, the only thing I can do anything about is the standing and exercise. I'm still aiming to finish two full weeks on mostly-bedrest before trying anything more strenuous (walk to the pond excepted, I guess I did try that early). Now that I've listed the reasons, my best guess is that it's the lack of solid sleep through the night that's wiping me out. I felt worst when I was pregnant the weeks I had insomnia, it seems to magnify any other physical discomforts.

But babies don't tend to sleep through the night for several months at the earliest, do they? I guess I've heard of it happening as early as 6 weeks. Still, 5 weeks to go is the best-case scenario. I'm just glad I've got enough help here that I can pretty much nap whenever I need it.