Considering Upping the Netflix

We went down to one DVD out at once on our Netflix plan the last time they raised their rates, since we really weren't watching movies very often. But I'm considering upping it again. There's not a whole lot piling up on our Tivo since most shows are in summer reruns. And I've gone off the video games.

That was the big thing-- when I was pregnant I wanted to play video games all the time, and now, well, I'm not that interested. I wonder if it had to do with the hormones and how they interacted with my brain chemistry. Because really, it was just like a switch went off; for months and months I could play videogames for hours on end, and once I had Max, click, very little interest in any of them. I'm back to wanting to read books or watch TV in my free time.

I can't even really use the Netflix instant-watch, which is a shame. Our internet is so slow that it doesn't even buffer correctly, so we wind up with large gaps in the shows where there is nothing to watch, we're just sitting around waiting for it to buffer, which is so annoying that we don't even want to watch the shows. If only we could download the whole thing, then watch it, that would be fine, but the software doesn't work like that. It's not quite as bad if I watch from my laptop, but that's not nearly as much fun as watching on the big screen. And it is possible to hook the laptop up so we can watch through the big screen, but it requires cable hookups and stuff that mostly I can't be bothered to set up.

Especially when it could be so easy to just click a button and get multiple DVDs from Netflix so I can always have a new one to watch. I'll have to go online and check the prices. I might just up the quantity for the summer, until the new fall shows start up. That way it'll still be economical since I'll only pay a higher price for a few months.