Kind of Impatient

I'm starting to get a little impatient to get back out and go to activities again. But while for the past week I've reminded myself that I should stay home so that I can rest and fully recover from giving birth (and I think that strategy worked, my back doesn't hurt anymore, I'm regaining flexibility, and I feel great), now I have to remind myself that I should be staying home in order to protect Max from crowds.

I'm not sure how long I'm going to keep him isolated. With W, we kept him in for a full 6 weeks, but there were medical reasons for that. For sure keeping M in for two weeks has seemed reasonable. And I'm leaning towards keeping him in another week, but am not sure. I think one of my friends said she keeps her kids in based on weight-- once they are 10 lbs then she feels they are robust enough it would be ok if they caught a cold. A website I read said that infants with fevers are automatically hospitalized if they are under 6 weeks old. If this were cold & flu season, I would be more inclined to stay in the full six weeks. But it's not. Although there were a handful of cases of measles reported in Cville recently, so that's something to be concerned about.

I'll probably just play it by ear. Although there are several events I'd like to attend, it's not all that crucial, there is always next year. And if I keep M in a sling and therefore covered and don't pass him around to people, it will be safer than if he's exposed in a stroller.

What I can do is get my act together and start arranging some play dates for W out here, so I can socialize at home without having to take M out in crowds.