Max's First Outing

I guess Max's first outing was sort of inadvertent. I thought W might like to see fireworks this year, and the Crozet ones were last night. I had originally thought we'd just park by the field school or something and watch from a distance. But T suggested we just go ahead and go to the park where the fireworks were taking place.

Although the thought did cross my mind that we might not get to watch many fireworks since the odds were even that W would be scared and not excited by them, and that I wasn't too keen on taking M out into crowds, I didn't object, because I wasn't sure exactly where else in town outside of the park the fireworks would be visible, and it would be a big dud to choose a spot where we couldn't see anything.

So we went to the park. I carried M and tried to keep people from getting all up in his face (much easier once we spread the blanket and sat down). W watched the first few explosions, but then started screaming NO NO NO NO and crying, so T took him further away. But at the far end of the park were other fathers holding crying toddlers, so that wasn't much of a solution since the kids all fed off each others' fear. W insisted on going back to the car, so T went with him. W also wanted him to play the radio so he couldn't hear the explosions so much. T complained that now W would have a negative connotation with fireworks from now on, but I told him I thought that he wouldn't even remember this since he's only 2, and he'll approach them fresh next year, when he might be more into it.

Max, on the other hand, seemed to enjoy the fireworks. Of course he was asleep for most of our excursion. Once we were sitting on our blanket I held my hands over his ears. First so the screeching kids running around next to us wouldn't wake him up with each screech, also because the band was sort of loud. I also kept his ears covered for most of the fireworks. But about halfway through the show, M woke up and was turning his head so he could see the fireworks. At that point I picked him up and held him so he could get a good view, and uncovered his ears for a few minutes. Although he didn't seem to mind the sound at all, I nevertheless covered his ears up again because I just felt nervous about exposing such a little baby to such loud explosions. But he stayed up and watched the fireworks from then until the end of the show. I was glad at least ONE of my boys had a good time!