Running Errands with Two Kids & Terry

T offered to come with when we ran a few errands this morning. I'm not sure that it's more efficient than taking both kids with one parent. The main convenience is that he can sit in the car with the kids if there are quick errands where I just have to run in and get one or two things. But if that's what he's doing, it would really be more convenient for him to just watch the kids at home where they can be more comfortable and play with their toys.

Having his help to lift W into and out of the car and carts was useful, but it didn't make such a big difference that I think it's worthwhile to enlist T as a shopping helper. It probably does make sense to encourage T to run some errands with W while I stay home with M.

I might also start taking more advantage of the internet-order arrangements for groceries. There's retail relay for farmer's items and stuff from specialty shops (which I generally just don't get at all right now since it's not practical to make so many shops with even a toddler in tow, let alone a newborn). And the Harris Teeter does online shopping for pick-up. So I can shop online, just clicking whatever I want, and schedule a time for pickup. I can strap the kids into the car (or just send T) and drive over there, but you park in a special spot and they bring the groceries out to the car for you. You don't even have to get out of the car. While I'm not sure I'd bother with this if I just need a quick run to the store for a few items, I can see that it could be a convenient way to add on grocery shopping to other errands when I would be otherwise too tired to make that stop at the store. But if it's just the equivalent of a drive-through, then I really could just swing by on the way home from somewhere and tiredness won't be a factor.

I carried M in the Moby wrap today instead of the sling. While it is more comfortable than the sling, it's a bit more awkward to use. This might be just because I'm not as used to using it, and it will become just as convenient in time. But even when I'm more fluent with it, it's still going to be much more involved to put on and take off. With the sling, if I want to leave it behind and just take M in his car seat then it's easy to do. With the wrap, I don't think I want to necessarily take it off for those quick stops where I leave M in his seat, because it would take kind of a long time to get it back on again before the next stop where I'd need to wear it. So I can just wear the empty wrap hanging off me like a ridiculous green thing for those trips, and while it's not that big a deal, it does look pretty dumb. Which doesn't mean I won't do it, it just means I won't like it.

So I'm still working out a routine for out-of-the-house excursions. Maybe this will take a few weeks to figure out.